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Diemm: Run to the Trees

November 29, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST


Living room concert livestream, from the Kootenay mountains. Singer-songwriter Diemm will dream aloud on folk harp, with vocals. And poetry.
Funded generously by Amplify BC.

Run to the Trees

When sorrow squeezes me into uncomfortable shapes,⁣
I run to the trees. ⁣
I push my face into leaves, into flowers,⁣
as close as close ⁣
so they fill the field of my vision. ⁣

“Show me me,” I whisper, “Show me me.”⁣

Tiny birds land on low branches,⁣
include me in their flock. ⁣
They lead me far into the woods. ⁣
We forage. We flit. ⁣
I blow a kiss to chickadee. ⁣
She sings as it lands on her chest. ⁣
Mourning cloak butterfly brushes black wingtip along my earlobe.
I listen. ⁣

“Magic is real,” I hear, “Sorrow comes to pass. It carries the unreal away, what is true is what stays.”⁣

I press my cheeks onto boulders,⁣
the cool jawline of mountain. ⁣
I wrap my arms around my stoic companions and ⁣
my roots twine with theirs. ⁣
My spine rises so high to the sky that ⁣
stars nest in my hair. ⁣

“I’ve got you I’m with you I am you are me,”⁣
Gravity sings as he fashions my wings. ⁣
He nibbles my shoulder blades when I roll over in my sleep. ⁣

Perspective allows ⁣
peace to reclaim what it is. ⁣
This is how I find me ⁣
when sorrow presses me into uncomfortable shapes.
~ Diemm


November 29, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST
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