IM4 Immersive Knowledge Transfer Webinar

The IM4 lab, in collaboration with Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and Emily Carr University, invites you to attend the ‘IM4 Immersive Knowledge Transfer Gathering’, an exciting live webinar series. This webinar series features conversations among XR media creators, artists, and storytellers from Indigenous and culturally diverse communities.

During our time of physical distancing the IM4 Lab and VIFF are committed to providing opportunities to promote learning and dialogue in the spirit of exchange about XR technologies. The IM4 Immersive Knowledge Transfer series guest speakers will share their thoughts in a virtual circle and spark discussion about how we are designing futurisms hosted by VIFF Immersed, Indigenous participants are invited to attend a special masterclass workshop with select presenters.

Our first live webinar guest speakers are IM4 Lab Creative Director, Loretta Todd (Métis/Cree/Canadian), Co-director of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, & Initiative for Indigenous Futures, Jason Edward Lewis (Hawaiian/Samoan) and game designer & interactive art form specialist in Unity, Dallas Flett-Wapash (Ininew/Seaulteaux from Keeseekoose First Nation).

Shape the Future: Live Q&A With Retail Augmented Reality Experts

Over the next decade, augmented reality technology will permeate into our daily lives in ways we could not have imagined. In retail specifically, consumers are demanding a better shopping experience, and have started using augmented reality applications like the Ikea Place app to help them make better purchasing decisions. Houzz also reported that over two million people have used AR when buying products in the Houzz app and people who have engaged with the tool were 11 times more likely to purchase.

AR offers exciting ways to bridge the online and offline shopping experience. For example, AR can allow customers to virtually try on products like shoes, clothes, sunglasses or cosmetics so they can shop in the comfort of their own home. In other cases, AR can make in-store displays more interactive and engaging, which builds more brand loyalty and awareness.