Feature Documentary “4 Dancers’ Dreams” Directed/Produced/Narrated/Lyrics by Nancy J Lilley

4 Dancers’ Dreams is a Canadian Feature Documentary that is an inspiring story of 4 dancers’ dreams to go professional and the trials and tribulations it takes to get there. It not only teaches all about the dance world , it wows, entertains and inspires with spectacular dancing, while telling the intimate stories of these 4 friends. It was shot over 2 years as it followed these girls in their last year of dance school and where they ended up after graduation. We are taken into the rehearsals, around BC in local competitions, as well as Seattle, WA. at the Semi-Finals of the Youth America Grand Prix and Germany for the World Tap competition by the International Dance Organization. Principal photography of the film started in the fall of 2015 and was completed in June of 2017 with a re-edit done in 2020. In August, 2017 it had it’s World Premiere in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and travelled all over North America and Europe including Italy and Spain in the film festival circuit of 2018/2019. It won many awards including Best Documentary Feature, Best Director, Editing, Narration, Cinematography, Ensemble Cast, a Scientific and Educational award and a Rising Star Award from the 2019 Canada International Film Festival. There is a lot of wonderful music to go along with the tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre dancing including 3 original songs written for the film.

As of November 8, 2020 “4 Dancers’ Dreams” will be streaming on Amazon Prime for one year in Canada and the USA only.

POLMER Dance featuring VIXmedia

Polymer Dance and VIXmedia collaborate to perform in John Hendry Park, Vancouver, Canada during the time of social distancing. Deliberate Reflections/ Reflexiones deliberadas is a metaphor for this time spent away from the usual distraction, as an opportunity to think and examine ourselves.

Small Stage + International Dance Day

Small Stage + International Dance Day
live stream broadcast
come join us for a celebration of dance live-on-line!

*pacific standard time

noon introduction + discussion

mini dance classes
1pm ~ Bhaṅgṛā with Hardeep Singh Sahota
1:30pm ~ Tap with Alex Clancy
2pm ~ Ballet Barre with Kirsten Wicklund
2:30pm ~ Oriental Bellydance with Ashley Rhianne Dance
3pm ~ Jazz with Jacq Smith
3:30pm ~ Waacking with JoJo Zolina
4pm ~ Scottish Highland with Susan Nase | Shot of Scotch Vancouver
4:30pm ~ Joy of Jigging: Metis Inspired Movement with Jeanette Kotowich
5:30pm ~ Happy “½ Half” Hour with Peach Cobblah + Friends
6pm small stage: virtual salon

Alex Clancy
Rachel Kennedy | Small Stage Australia
Jeanette Kotowich
Lisa Rose Metz
Susan Nase | Shot of Scotch Vancouver
Ashley Rhianne Dance
Ahalya Satkunaratnam
Hardeep Singh Sahota
Jacq Smith
Chengxin Wei | Lorita Leung Dance Company
JoJo Zolina | House of La douche
Musician: Krystle Dos Santos