Behind The Mask

1 pandemic, 2, rehearsals, 3 time zones, 4 weeks of writing, 5 masks, and 6 feet apart. What happens when the mask comes off?

Behind The Mask is a live performance that explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our worlds both inside and out. Our storytellers are everyday people who were courageous enough to embark on a raw creative journey, uncertain of where it would lead. They found catharsis through writing, collaborating, and now in sharing their stories. One by one, the storytellers will guide you through their deeply personal lived experiences during COVID, many experiences of which may resonate with you. The intention of this performance is to build collective resilience in response to the isolating effects of COVID.

For our friends who are deaf or hard of hearing, this performance will have a live ASL Interpreter.

In lieu of payment, we encourage you to please donate to a cause you care about. Consider a minimum donation amount of 20$. A few recommendations from our cast:

• Black Health Alliance
• Black Youth Helpline
• Urban Native Youth Association
• Canadian Anti-Hate Network
• Backpack Buddies – School Supplies for Kids in Need
• Emergency Shelter – Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
• Give a Hand Vancouver – Covid Relief

“This show was never about the show. It is about the creative process, a multi-layered process which promotes healing in the writer, the storyteller, and the audience” – Andrea Morgan, Creator/Director

SHOWTIME: Sunday, July 5th, 2020, 2:00pm PST, Online

All times are Pacific Standard Time. Attendees will be sent link to view show at showtime.

Andrea Morgan |
C: 778-984-0964

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for supporting our communities.

Tape Heads – Online! curated by the James Black Gallery


Join us from the comfort of wherever you are! With original content created for this very occasion by an esteemed roster of talents, local and beyond!


ROBIN LOUGH (Smithers, BC)
Robin Lough is a queer interdisciplinary artist from Wetsuwet’en territory (Smithers, BC). Robin creates installations and sound environments, using objects, tape recordings, and various experimental sythentized modes of sound. Every creation is a site specific experiment in learning and listening. Robin also performed as part of the Vancouver Low Frequency Festival in 2019. For further examples of sound/installation work, see Robin’s vimeo: and soundcloud:

Graham uses a variety of analog instruments, synthesizers, tape loops, floppy disks, and samples to create semi-improvised lofi soundscapes with a focus on the mood and tone of a moment.

Integrated Media Artist

Image and Gallery Posts

Carlos Botello is a electronic music producer and drummer from Dallas Texas. Botello has been a Dj since 1996 and producing since 2001.
Botello currently has 6 modular synth EP’s out on Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube Music and available for purchase at Botello’s music is a combination of rich chord structures and smooth melodies with a hiphop/
drum and bass flavor to it all. In the 20 minute live set recorded for the tape heads 1 event, Botello uses a combination of cassette tape loop, reel to reel tape machine, korg volca, native instruments maschine and modular synth. All of the music you hear is original and produced by Botello. Botello is currently releasing his 7th modular synth ep on Feb 1, 2020. You can find him @carlosbotellocarlos on Instagram.
Carlos Botello (Spotify, Band camp)

IFFER (Campbell River, BC)
subtle yet full of intensity, processed vocals and original beats, textures and field recordings, swirled together in a saccharine melange of warm fuzzies with kisses.

HUGO PARIS (France/Portland)
a French artist based in Portland, OR. I make finely crafted hardware electronic music under my birth name Hugo R.A. Paris. My music has wide dynamics ranging from peaceful ambient to dacefloor techno and is best described as moody and textural with a strong analog tape flavor to it.
Threaded Habitat is my third LP. It was released over the summer by Beacon Sound (Terry Riley, Colleen, Benoit Pioulard, Amulets,…) and Jacktone Records (Fact top 10 labels of 2018), it is my fist album on vinyl and I am quite excited to share it with you now!

Bent electricity, musique concrète, pillow beats, sci-fi FX, fluid situations and surprise >> beauty : Lee Hutzulak plays synths, samplers, guitar pedals and sometimes sings. Some of his other projects include: Zen Escalator, Moth Mouth, Dixie’s Death Pool, Hot Towers. Tape heads will showcase his latest album, Forgiveness divided by an atom of truth., now available on bandcamp.

Meteoric Twin (Caitlin Pencarrick Hertzman and Amos Hertzman) are an electronic music duo based on what is now known as Galiano Island. They use altered voice, field recordings, modular synthesis and rhythm to create ambient fourth world music. They are the curators/producers of Active/Passive, an ambient music series and day-long mini-festival on Galiano Island celebrating artists from the Pacific Northwest. Past performances include Biomass (Oct ’19) at the Bloedel Conservatory and Active /Passive vol.1 (Aug ’19) on Galiano Island.

mAIsIE (Victoria, BC)
Using the Japanese voice synthesis software, UTAU, Maisie defines melodies and cadences, in turn driving hardware and modular synths in real time, forging a sonic expression both visceral and unreal. Maisie is a youth performance artist, poet and musician who is in her third year presenting and performing with the Victoria Pride Society’s Trans Tipping Point project, and has released and performed as one half of the sound art duo, Cnoc:n:conC (Unheard Records).

live coding – composition – new media medicine – software engineering. Norah brings a bumpier ride for the darker end of the techno tinged spectrum.

Merlyn Chipman’s artwork spans live improvisational audio/video, print and installation art but he identifies himself as a “video feedback artist.” Video feedback is the phenomena that occurs when a video signal is passed from a video camera to a monitor while the camera and monitor are pointed at each
other. Soon after stumbling upon video feedback in 1998, Merlyn started collecting old television sets. These television sets were instruments he used to visually interpret the music of improvisational musicians and DJs in collaborative projects. Within 5 years, he had collected over 100 working television sets. Merlyn’s live video feedback performance is an exercise in maintaining attention, i.e. an openeyed meditation.



Merlyn Chipman, 2020.

“1000s of matching wall paper patterns, different from your own, for you to stare at, while you’re stuck at home! All recorded on VHS tape. Easy to play, while you hit the vape!
Drawing from strobing patterns in previously released (and unreleased) PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK DVDs, curated analog video feedback clips were selected for their aesthetic appeal as still images. Using software, the form is re-conceptualized as matching, non-repeating, scrolling wall paper patterns and re-recorded back on to VHS tape. Why tape? To preserve the ability to control the patterns with the same analog techniques that created them. Mwah ah ah!” – Merlyn

Wallpaper Studies is to be accompanied by the esteemed prerecorded output, created wherever they are during the Pandemic, of this fine line up of folks finding solace in sound.

Please join us for an afternoon into an evening of tape saturated sunset lullabies created just for you.

Shape the Future: Live Q&A With Retail Augmented Reality Experts

Over the next decade, augmented reality technology will permeate into our daily lives in ways we could not have imagined. In retail specifically, consumers are demanding a better shopping experience, and have started using augmented reality applications like the Ikea Place app to help them make better purchasing decisions. Houzz also reported that over two million people have used AR when buying products in the Houzz app and people who have engaged with the tool were 11 times more likely to purchase.

AR offers exciting ways to bridge the online and offline shopping experience. For example, AR can allow customers to virtually try on products like shoes, clothes, sunglasses or cosmetics so they can shop in the comfort of their own home. In other cases, AR can make in-store displays more interactive and engaging, which builds more brand loyalty and awareness.


INFLIGHT ENT in combination with SH STUDIOS brings the 6FIGURE VISIONS ‘lifestream’ concert event!! 💯

Celebrating Lil G6’s 6FIGURE VISIONS mixtape release, we’re offering a backstage experience for the music VIP to bump along-side the legend and his immediate crew. You can expect live presentations, performances, and a special instalment feature from INFLIGHT ENT.

Tune in for a playlist of your new favourite songs, insightful commentary from music industry insiders, and a message from the minds behind the mix.

There will be opportunity for direct engagement in Q&A, live mix breakdowns, beat development tricks, as well as a chance for local artists to win a feature spot on the next hot single. 🔥

This event is free, but the experience is priceless.