Dark Arps – Welcome to the Audioship

Come on a journey to uncharted sonic territories with Dark Arps as he pilots the “Audioship”, a vehicle for improvised exploration in the world of electronic music. Streaming Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2pm and 12pm Pacific, on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.


Arts Matter Online: Vault of Stars Ambient Music Performance

Starting Saturday April 25th at noon:

Watch a video performance by Isaac Jordan of Vault of Stars, learn what tech & techniques were used!

Isaac Jordan is an individual living in BC who dedicates most time to the creation of manifold works of art and music, which can be found on his website: vaultofstars.com

“Memory Fades” is a short audio-visual performance piece for synthesizers. This recorded performance of ambient music is performed on a few analog, digital and modular synthesizers, over-laid with beautiful motion images. A brief explanation of the technology and techniques employed are available in the description. The idea is to be both aesthetically pleasant and educational.

Find a comfy seat, prepare to relax and view the video.

Moving images are from adventures in BC, Peru, and Isaac Jordan’s apartment.