Pyarr Eshgh Love with Neela and Tissa Rahim

A live stream concert featuring Neela and Tissa Rahim.

Stemming from a fierce, passionate artistry, Neela’s music explores the complexity of human emotions in the face of raw, sensual desire.

Tissa Rahim is an RnB songstress from a multi-generational family of Iranian musicians. She recently released her sophomore EP, Missing Love.

Diemm: Run to the Trees

Living room concert livestream, from the Kootenay mountains. Singer-songwriter Diemm will dream aloud on folk harp, with vocals. And poetry.
Funded generously by Amplify BC.

Run to the Trees

When sorrow squeezes me into uncomfortable shapes,⁣
I run to the trees. ⁣
I push my face into leaves, into flowers,⁣
as close as close ⁣
so they fill the field of my vision. ⁣

“Show me me,” I whisper, “Show me me.”⁣

Tiny birds land on low branches,⁣
include me in their flock. ⁣
They lead me far into the woods. ⁣
We forage. We flit. ⁣
I blow a kiss to chickadee. ⁣
She sings as it lands on her chest. ⁣
Mourning cloak butterfly brushes black wingtip along my earlobe.
I listen. ⁣

“Magic is real,” I hear, “Sorrow comes to pass. It carries the unreal away, what is true is what stays.”⁣

I press my cheeks onto boulders,⁣
the cool jawline of mountain. ⁣
I wrap my arms around my stoic companions and ⁣
my roots twine with theirs. ⁣
My spine rises so high to the sky that ⁣
stars nest in my hair. ⁣

“I’ve got you I’m with you I am you are me,”⁣
Gravity sings as he fashions my wings. ⁣
He nibbles my shoulder blades when I roll over in my sleep. ⁣

Perspective allows ⁣
peace to reclaim what it is. ⁣
This is how I find me ⁣
when sorrow presses me into uncomfortable shapes.
~ Diemm

Infinitus Performance Presentation

You are invited to join the always-entertaining Infinitus, for a very special online presentation! Come along as the effervescent trio members share music from their Redemptio Suite. In between movements, the group will give a “backstage” peek at how the presentation is put together, explain life as a musician in a pandemic, and hold Q & A with the audience. Thanks to the support of Showcase BC, this concert is entirely free to the general public! With streaming on multiple platforms (Zoom/Facebook Live), we look forward to seeing you online!

Caitlin Goulet Live

Live from her home studio, Caitlin Goulet is sharing music from her upcoming album. Tune in on Instagram Live. Caitlin brings a vulnerable yet confident and emotionally charged voice to her eccentric and melodramatic brand of alternative pop/R&B. She is known for conversational, raw, and unapologetic lyrics, expressive vocals, and captivating stage presence. Be the first to hear brand new originals from her recent collaboration with Marzzybaby, which won’t be out until next year.

Laura Kelsey livestream

Vancouver Island singer-songwriter Laura Kelsey plays a live EP release show on Youtube August 27 at 6:30 pm PST, including original songs and a round or two of Guess/Request!

Bio: Laura Kelsey has fronted blues, metal and folk bands for over a decade, playing events and festivals across the province. She brings these musical influences together to create songs inspired by natural West Coast elements, honesty and dreams, which she performs with a dynamic, soulful voice. In 2014, she was the singer for the band Sain Arden, which was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. That same year, she released “My Time,” a solo single with all proceeds going to WAVAW in Vancouver. Recent career highlights include opening for Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), premiering her original rock musical at the HR MacMillan Space Centre and releasing an ocean-themed collection of songs with all proceeds going to charity.

Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes ROOTS & GROOVES

A smorgasbord of roots, blues and humour as veteran dulcimer folkie and brilliant young keyboard ace take to the stage (socially distanced) for the first time in 3 months. Rick and Nico are delighted to bring their musical alchemy to the Duncan Showroom stage for a high energy live stream concert June 12 at 7 pm PST. The show is free thanks to sponsorship of Creative BC’s Showcase BC series. Please support the artists and the Duncan Showroom by donating to the tip jar. Like this event on Facebook

Corey Payette

Corey Payette (Oji-Cree) is a musical theatre writer, his work has examined reconciliation, colonization, and the contemporary issues of identity through music. This performance is a musical journey through the world of his musicals