Lozen: Goal Digger (Album Release) Live Show

A Facebook Live stream from “Temple of Lozen” performing her Goal Digger album in it’s entirety. Listeners will be offered a hybrid musical experience blending both acoustic, unplugged, and electronic versions of the songs. Lozen will also be sharing in depth backstories behind the making of the record, followed by a Q&A period and a handcrafted Lozen Mandala Pendant Necklace giveaway.

Mxd Mssg Livestream

Vancouver artist Mxd Mssg will be livestreaming on Tuesday night on his Facebook page at @mxdmssg. Tune in to hear some originals performed in a fresh new way and for some surprise guests.

Special thanks. This livestream is supported by Creative and the Province of British Columbia.

Elysian Trio: To Ignite a Star

Join the Elysian Trio for an online concert inspired by nature and space, featuring works by Karim Al-Zand, Nicholas Ryan Kelly, Leslie Opatril, and Aidan Wong.

This concert is presented with the generous support of Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia

couchwalker on film by Jenny Banai

“couchwalker on film” is a short film experiment, imagined and created by Jenny Banai; a visual representation of her sophomore album “couchwalker”.

“couchwalker on film” premieres Monday, December 14 on Audiofemme. Read full conversation Jenny Banai had with them about the story behind the film here – https://www.audiofemme.com/jenny-bana…

Inspired, in part, and due to the limited ways live music can be shared in our current world environment, Banai envisioned a multi-medium digital concept performance to clarify “couchwalker” on another level, so as to invite viewers in as close as one can to the music and to her particular creative character.

Starring Banai, the film features long single-shot segments in a warehouse fashioned to look like a living room set, with a couch—and her interactions with said couch—as the centrepiece. She is accompanied by two dancers, who appear throughout the film and represent the emotional pulls within her humanity as she sorts through her convictions and feelings regarding relationship choices and her faith.

Pulling on her novice dance and theatre background, and audio editing skills, the creation of “couchwalker on film” both challenged and unveiled Banai’s abilities. She first edited her album down to twenty minutes of audio; a mix of full album production, lo-fi live takes and voice memos, to create an audio narrative. She then brought on film director, Matej Balaz of Colla Films and choreographers and dancers, Joanna Anderson and Kezia Rosen, as her collaborating partners on the project.

Over weeks of meetings, a handful of rehearsals and two postponements, couchwalker on film became the intricate and nuanced piece that it is. Expressing the wrestling match between the conscious and subconscious, reason and intuition, convictions and feelings, Banai invites the viewer into a world where moving through various emotions is both an invitation and a necessity, and how we move through them is the choice we are gifted with.

“The [Hebrew] word, the word timshel—’Thou mayest’—that gives choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open”
– Lee (Character in John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”).


Concept and creation by Jenny Banai and her collabs: Matej Balaz, Joanna Noelle, and Kezia Rosen
Directed by Jenny Banai and Matej Balaz
Produced by Colla Films
Cinematography: Nate J Slaco
Editing: Daša Netíková and Matej Balaz
Choreography: Joanna Anderson and Kezia Rosen
Costume Design: Jenny Banai, Joanna Anderson and Kezia Rosen
Artistic Direction: Camille Candia
Music: Jenny Banai
Live Take Edits: Scott Currie
Production Assistant: Michal Slako

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
We thank Creative BC for their Showcase grant helping us out during the strangest of times for artists (and all people of course!).

website: https://jennybanai.com
spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3dUsj…
instagram: https://instagram.com/jennybanai
facebook: https://facebook.com/jenny.banai
bandcamp: https://jennybanai.bandcamp.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/BanaiJenny
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jennybanai

Pyarr Eshgh Love with Neela and Tissa Rahim

A live stream concert featuring Neela and Tissa Rahim.

Stemming from a fierce, passionate artistry, Neela’s music explores the complexity of human emotions in the face of raw, sensual desire.

Tissa Rahim is an RnB songstress from a multi-generational family of Iranian musicians. She recently released her sophomore EP, Missing Love.

Diemm: Run to the Trees

Living room concert livestream, from the Kootenay mountains. Singer-songwriter Diemm will dream aloud on folk harp, with vocals. And poetry.
Funded generously by Amplify BC.

Run to the Trees

When sorrow squeezes me into uncomfortable shapes,⁣
I run to the trees. ⁣
I push my face into leaves, into flowers,⁣
as close as close ⁣
so they fill the field of my vision. ⁣

“Show me me,” I whisper, “Show me me.”⁣

Tiny birds land on low branches,⁣
include me in their flock. ⁣
They lead me far into the woods. ⁣
We forage. We flit. ⁣
I blow a kiss to chickadee. ⁣
She sings as it lands on her chest. ⁣
Mourning cloak butterfly brushes black wingtip along my earlobe.
I listen. ⁣

“Magic is real,” I hear, “Sorrow comes to pass. It carries the unreal away, what is true is what stays.”⁣

I press my cheeks onto boulders,⁣
the cool jawline of mountain. ⁣
I wrap my arms around my stoic companions and ⁣
my roots twine with theirs. ⁣
My spine rises so high to the sky that ⁣
stars nest in my hair. ⁣

“I’ve got you I’m with you I am you are me,”⁣
Gravity sings as he fashions my wings. ⁣
He nibbles my shoulder blades when I roll over in my sleep. ⁣

Perspective allows ⁣
peace to reclaim what it is. ⁣
This is how I find me ⁣
when sorrow presses me into uncomfortable shapes.
~ Diemm

Infinitus Performance Presentation

You are invited to join the always-entertaining Infinitus, for a very special online presentation! Come along as the effervescent trio members share music from their Redemptio Suite. In between movements, the group will give a “backstage” peek at how the presentation is put together, explain life as a musician in a pandemic, and hold Q & A with the audience. Thanks to the support of Showcase BC, this concert is entirely free to the general public! With streaming on multiple platforms (Zoom/Facebook Live), we look forward to seeing you online!

Caitlin Goulet Live

Live from her home studio, Caitlin Goulet is sharing music from her upcoming album. Tune in on Instagram Live. Caitlin brings a vulnerable yet confident and emotionally charged voice to her eccentric and melodramatic brand of alternative pop/R&B. She is known for conversational, raw, and unapologetic lyrics, expressive vocals, and captivating stage presence. Be the first to hear brand new originals from her recent collaboration with Marzzybaby, which won’t be out until next year.