Planet Protector Academy: Keep Cool

Keep Cool inspires kids to become climate action superheroes and change their families’ energy & transportation habits!
Trusted by parents and kids in 400+ cities, this series of 6 Live webcast is for kids age 6-11.
Features fun, arts and game based activities that are engaging, joyful and educational!

Shape the Future: Live Q&A With Retail Augmented Reality Experts

Over the next decade, augmented reality technology will permeate into our daily lives in ways we could not have imagined. In retail specifically, consumers are demanding a better shopping experience, and have started using augmented reality applications like the Ikea Place app to help them make better purchasing decisions. Houzz also reported that over two million people have used AR when buying products in the Houzz app and people who have engaged with the tool were 11 times more likely to purchase.

AR offers exciting ways to bridge the online and offline shopping experience. For example, AR can allow customers to virtually try on products like shoes, clothes, sunglasses or cosmetics so they can shop in the comfort of their own home. In other cases, AR can make in-store displays more interactive and engaging, which builds more brand loyalty and awareness.

Mashed Poetics: Against Me-Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Mashed Poetics is a night of spoken word and music mash up where a live band performs a music album while poets share new work based on the songs from the album. On Tuesday April 21st the Verses Festival of Words presents Mashed Poetics version of Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me. Due to social distancing requirements this will be a solo acoustic performance by band leader Trevana Spilchen aka Spillious the Ridiculous One and our 10 poets performing via Zoom.

Here’s a link to the event through We Show Up

Featured poets and songs include…

LJ Weisberg–Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Anotonette Rea-True Trans Soul Rebel
Tawahum–Unconditional Love
Marion J. Lefevre–Drinking with the Jocks
Emory Oakley–Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ

Side B

Kit Tempo–F— My Life 666
Holden Wall–Dead Friend
Static Jam–Two Coffins
Spillious–Paralytic States
Beni Xiao–Black Me Out

Music Business on The One! For artists, managers and more! | YouTube

Olivia Wachter, CEO/Founder of Olivia Wachter Management is an artist manager and entrepreneur in Vancouver. This video is for artists, managers, and entrepreneurs on creating a developing a relationship with working with a manager.

A new video is released every 10 days!
Next video: Tuesday April 21,2020
Welcome to Music Business on The One!

Intro Video Song:
Lie By Shallou

This song is created by Shallou.
Intro Video Song:
Lie By Shallou

This song is created by Shallou.


INFLIGHT ENT in combination with SH STUDIOS brings the 6FIGURE VISIONS ‘lifestream’ concert event!! 💯

Celebrating Lil G6’s 6FIGURE VISIONS mixtape release, we’re offering a backstage experience for the music VIP to bump along-side the legend and his immediate crew. You can expect live presentations, performances, and a special instalment feature from INFLIGHT ENT.

Tune in for a playlist of your new favourite songs, insightful commentary from music industry insiders, and a message from the minds behind the mix.

There will be opportunity for direct engagement in Q&A, live mix breakdowns, beat development tricks, as well as a chance for local artists to win a feature spot on the next hot single. 🔥

This event is free, but the experience is priceless.

SUNDAY NIGHT JAM with Sami Ghawi & Friends (FUSIONpresents)

EVERY SUNDAY SINCE 2010! We’ve taken this legendary jam to Facebook with a live streamed zoom meeting where established and aspiring BC musicians play songs in this roundtable setting.

NOTE: All musicians wanting to participate are invited to send us an email or direct message on Facebook and we’ll send them the meeting invitation link.

Fun, uplifting, organic and never the same! Join us every Sunday at 8pm at

Dani Strong – The Bathroom Sessions

Dani Strong has been going live from her bathroom (great acoustics :)) every Friday night at 5pm (Pacific) and 6pm (Mountain).

Dani features many of her own songs during her bathroom sessions, as well as taking some request from her virtual audience. Many of the shows feature her husband/drummer, Grant Taylor and are often quite hilarious.

Join in every Friday for an evening of great entertainment.

Music Lessons with Sami Ghawi & Myles Philpott (FUSIONpresents)

Let’s start from the very beginning! Every Wednesday, Sami & Myles teach the basics of music theory for piano, guitar, bass and drums. These lessons are for novices and those who’ve never played music before and have always dreamed about picking up an instrument and just jamming! It’s also for those who need a basic music theory refresher! Everyone can learn something! At FUSIONpresents, we believe that everyone can and should speak the language of music and this is our service to you!

Join us on every Wednesday at 8pm for LIVE STREAM MUSIC LESSONS!