DreamRider Productions presents: Planet Protector Academy – HOME Edition: H2WHOA!

Calling all kids who are bored of being stuck at home! Log on with the Planet Protector Academy, and get inspired to become a superhero water protector, and help your family conserve and protect our precious water resources! H2WHOA! is a unique hybrid: a digital program that inspires kids to sing, move, breathe, create and imagine. Delivered free via live webcasts, H2WHOA! includes learning for kids aged 6-11 on environmental issues PLUS new content on mental health, hygiene and other pandemic-coping topics, such as how to do a “Superhero Calming Breath” to help with fear and anxiety.

DreamRider actors Sara Holt and Ian Gschwind host the program live from their living rooms. In daily 1-hour sessions, four days a week, they take kids through lessons and activities that include singing, dancing, games and crafts. Kids become Apprentice Planet Protectors, part of the PPA’s exciting superhero story line. They receive “missions” they can do at home, to inspire family members to change behaviours, like turning off taps and taking shorter showers.

More than 750 kids across Canada have participated in weekly Planet Protector AcademY: HOME Edition sessions since April, and so far they are loving it ! A child participant said that “It felt the whole time like I was in a giant hug!” Parents are finding relief as well, not only from the burden of home schooling, but also from watching their kids participate joyfully in the program’s activities, at a time when fun and inspiration have been hard to come by. In a survey of HOME Edition users, 46 per cent of parents said the program helped their family cope with COVID.

Kara-Kata Afrobeat Made in Canada | Facebook Live

Our band, Kara-Kata Afrobeat Group, will perform our original songs and songs from the Afrobeat genre for our beloved community. Each band member will record their part and we will edit to create a video which will be released live. Our band leader, Toyin Kayo-Ajayi, will do a small live introduction and chat prior to the release. It is our hope to stay connected with our fans and community during these challenging times. We always aim to spread love, joy, connection, and to share Nigerian culture, which is where our music style was born.
We will set up a donation page prior to event. Thank you and we miss you!


INFLIGHT ENT in combination with SH STUDIOS brings the 6FIGURE VISIONS ‘lifestream’ concert event!! 💯

Celebrating Lil G6’s 6FIGURE VISIONS mixtape release, we’re offering a backstage experience for the music VIP to bump along-side the legend and his immediate crew. You can expect live presentations, performances, and a special instalment feature from INFLIGHT ENT.

Tune in for a playlist of your new favourite songs, insightful commentary from music industry insiders, and a message from the minds behind the mix.

There will be opportunity for direct engagement in Q&A, live mix breakdowns, beat development tricks, as well as a chance for local artists to win a feature spot on the next hot single. 🔥

This event is free, but the experience is priceless.