Hayley Sales Virtual World Tour 2020

Streaming live from her family’s blueberry farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Sales will perform songs from her forthcoming album, Ricochet, and her previous releases – Sunseed, When The Bird Became A Book and The Misadventures (Unreleased). Each show will be unique – with Sales accompanying herself on piano, playing different songs and sometimes welcoming special guests. Fans can find links to the shows, which begin at 7:00 p.m. in the hosting venue’s time zone, at http://www.hayleysales.com. Sales will be announcing virtual tour dates for USA, Japan, the U.K. and Europe soon.

Blue Frog Virtually Live Concerts – Atlantic Crossing

The British Are Coming straight to your house!

Prepare to enjoy the best of the British Bands on your home theatre as the world famous Atlantic Crossing Show presents their authentic reproductions of The Beatles, Elton John, AC/DC and Rod Stewart all within the same show. Since 2004, The Atlantic Crossing Show has played literally all over the world to packed houses to very enthusiastic responses.

This would be an immeasurable feat for most entertainers if it weren’t for the exceptional abilities of the seasoned members in the Atlantic Crossing ensemble.  When not performing their Brit show, they are the touring band for Randy Bachman. Their Band member list reads like a Who’s Who of the Canadian Music Scene:

Marc LaFrance (drums, vocals), Brent Howard Knudsen (guitar, bass, vocals), Mick Dalla-Vee (guitar, bass, piano, drums, vocals), David Reimer (Bass, guitar, vocals), Ian Cameron: (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals)

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained, no matter what your musical preferences are.  This show has it all.

Blue Frog Virtually Live Concerts – Paul Pigat

Blue Frog Studios kick’s off it’s VIRTUALLY LIVE concert series with acclaimed guitarist Paul Pigat. Behind those Doc Watson glasses lurks a guitar prodigy with so much canned heat in his body, he will blow you away.

Gather your bubble group, crank up the home theatre and enjoy all the excitement of the world-class entertainment that you have come to expect from Blue Frog Studios. This live show is a fully produced HD video broadcast from our world class recording studio soundstage (without an audience of course).

Your support of this no audience show goes directly to the artist and the production crew that has had their income disappear during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be sure to purchase your virtual ticket and be watching this live online event as one lucky viewer will win a $100.00 gift certificate to any restaurant or store of your choice in White Rock, B.C. There will be other special rewards and live giveaways during the show. You never know what will happen LIVE!

Mohamed Assani presents Wayfinder

Mohamed Assani is an award-winning sitar player and composer, known for being a proactive ambassador for his rich musical tradition. He has brought the sitar to new audiences through innovative, genre-bending collaborations. According to the Georgia Straight, “Assani is both deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of South Asia and a one-of-a-kind innovator.”

Mohamed performs a set featuring music from his newest album release, Wayfinder. Wayfinder is an act of gathering and discovery. It is the story of a musician-explorer who has journeyed the world and now has come home to empty his pockets and share his treasures.

Contemporary Polynesians refer to Wayfinders as the ‘astronauts of our ancestors’. These navigators found their way by watching celestial bodies, listening to winds, feeling the swell of waves slapping on the hull of the canoe. They tried to be like birds, because birds always have a relation with the edges of the horizon.

Musical traveller Mohamed Assani takes his sitar in a completely new and unexpected direction— bringing together unforeseen musical worlds in an original album that relentlessly pushes at the frontiers of cultural and musical hybridity. Using a refreshing, contemporary sound palette, Wayfinder incorporates a range of stylistic influences, including Indian/Pakistani Classical, North African music, Middle Eastern music, jazz, funk, Western harmony, ambient & electronic music and more. Both acoustic and electronic, it features sitar, tabla, mridangam, kanjira, mbira, voice and electronic sounds. It has been produced by Emmy and Juno-nominated music producer, Adham Shaikh.

Living Room Art The Heights Virtual Edition

We are excited to announce the Virtual Edition of The Living Room Art The Heights! After a one year hiatus and in response to the current COVID-19 situation Living Room Art The Heights will be launching a virtual edition. For years Living Room Art in The Heights has been bringing the community of Burnaby North together through art. In the past, we would convert a house into an art gallery for a single evening where local artists would introduce their neighbours to a variety of art expressions. In the current situation, although not able to share the same physical space, we aim to bring a similar experience of connectedness through an online/virtual space.

We hope to convey the same celebratory spirit and inclusivity our audience has come to expect from a Living Room Art event. We are using the proven power of art as a tool of community building and means to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together while staying apart. We want to help community members, along with local artists, to stay connected in these challenging times. And we want to keep fostering these connections through an online meeting experience. We will be sharing the details of the event through our social media accounts.

Snag Livestream Painting Auction

From our friends in arts and culture. Visit Don’t Stop Here, find more events in British Columbia in the arts and culture industries.

Snag Livestream is a live painting event that shows the process of creating artwork. The work created over the time frame is auctioned off (https://www.32auctions.com/snagart), and the proceeds are given to artists & event organizers. The Livestream was created to help connect creatives during this difficult time, while also helping artists pay their rent, keep the lights on, and most importantly, keep creating.

Musical Zoo

The Meeks Duo would like to keep you company at home, so we will be live streaming a concert every week for you while we are all enjoying our social distancing.

This week’s concert features music that was written to represent animals. The program will be made up of short pieces, each portraying a different animal, including the famous Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov, and the complete Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns. Join us for a fun concert!