Hermanns Jazz Livecast | Online

Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria BC is in its 40th year of operation. The Club is home to upwards of 400 live performances every year. Engaging audience is part of the livelihood of musicians.

Our livestream allows performers to take to the (socially distanced, disinfected) stage and do what they love – give music.

Our audience gains the opportunity to continue supporting these artists in the absence of our Club.

If music is the food of love play on! Visit HermannsJazz.com to see the calendar of events (3x+/week)

Fun For Cover Quaranstream Volume 2

Join Fun For Cover for our second live stream performance during this very strange time. Remember a time when you could go to a bar? Remember when you could put on your best digs and and listen to a band at that bar? Remember when you could look at someone up then down annd say “Nice shoes!” We can’t give you a bar. We can’t give you physical closeness. But what we can give you is music, themes, and drinking cheap liquor from the comfort of your own home. I mean you guys will have to provide your own booze, but we got you covered for the rest. So… BYOQB.

Dress your best, take a photo and post it to our facebook wall. OR DM the band on instagram (@fun4cover) or facebook. We will select the best outfit and you could win A BRAND NEW FUN FOR COVER T-SHIRT!!!!!!!

We’re happy that we can share our music with you and feel very blessed that we live in a house together and are able to give you a full band experience. We went pretty long last time so we thought we make this one short and sweet. We can’t wait to make your Saturday night a little more FUN (for cover).

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. We love you

Shari Ulrich Solo SequesterFest

It’s high time! All set up in my studio so I can, for the first time ever, do a concert that involves playing my grandparents’ Steinway grand piano. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing your wonderful faces after so long! (Well, if you choose to let me!). Side Door’s use of Zoom is the best and most enjoyable way to experience a non-live live concert that I’ve come across in these times. Co-hosted by the wonderful Mark Busse’s expertise in managing the room – including your questions and requests, I’ll be free to focus on the music and answer the some questions in lieu of an intermission. Snacks will be self provided by YOU in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or whatever space (other than the bathroom!) from which you so choose to join in!

I’ll be doing ongs from my 43 years as a songwriter, from Fear of Flying to the new Back To Shore album on piano, guitars, and violin.


Myc Sharratt Streaming Live | Facebook Live

Recently, and by recently we mean the end of the world, we have been creating ways to stay together while apart. Every musician and their dog has been live streaming and I’m no different.

“bring that smile right here” a talk show style stream has been a fun, for me at least, way to keep engaged with people and learn things I probably never would have learnt about some of my good friends in the music field without asking questions in that format.

“Live is but a Stream” was a wonderful way to create a stage for musicians to play for folks and support a great cause, Food Banks Canada. We raised $1600 and again came together.

Now, I’d like to play some of my songs for an evening. I hope you’ll enjoy them and keep me company.

Happy. Healthy. Home.
Streaming Live here on Facebook Live
and on Instagram @mycsharratt


INFLIGHT ENT in combination with SH STUDIOS brings the 6FIGURE VISIONS ‘lifestream’ concert event!! 💯

Celebrating Lil G6’s 6FIGURE VISIONS mixtape release, we’re offering a backstage experience for the music VIP to bump along-side the legend and his immediate crew. You can expect live presentations, performances, and a special instalment feature from INFLIGHT ENT.

Tune in for a playlist of your new favourite songs, insightful commentary from music industry insiders, and a message from the minds behind the mix.

There will be opportunity for direct engagement in Q&A, live mix breakdowns, beat development tricks, as well as a chance for local artists to win a feature spot on the next hot single. 🔥

This event is free, but the experience is priceless.

West My Friend | European Album Release Tour + BC Brunch Show

West My Friend, indie-folk darlings from Victoria BC, recently released their IMA-nominated fourth album “In Constellation” with full symphony orchestra. The core trio of the band planned a tour of Europe for May 2020 to release the album for their European fans, but it was sadly cancelled due to COVID-19. So on May 2nd, the first day of the tour, West My Friend will be performing an intimate trio set in the 1912 Fernwood home of members Eden Oliver and Jeff Poynter. The concert is timed for an evening show in Europe and a brunch show in their home province of BC! So get your eggs benny and a coffee and sit back and enjoy….

Kristina Lao – ONSTAGE with Fiona Forbes


Host Fiona Forbes is hosting the current season of the ONSTAGE Concert Series from her living room! Join us for daily livestreams on the “Isolation Sessions.” We feature a new artist on each episode who has a virtual visit with Fiona and then performs a few original tunes from home. Enjoy BC talent weekdays at 5 pm PT at http://www.Facebook.com/OnStageLiveTV and http://www.OnStageLive.TV.

Coming up Friday April 24th, Kristina Lao is our featured artist. Kristina is a multi-national, interdisciplinary artist advocate from Hong Kong. With catchy hooks and Brit-lilt vocals over string skipping guitar, her cinematic folk illuminates the heart in true troubadour style. Kristina’s recent performance credits include UK national theatre tours, award-winning films and network television shows. She loves a good story. Her music has been described as an unlikely combination of Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries), Tracy Chapman, and Ani DiFranco. New music and poetry of Kristina’s are available at http://www.KristinaLao.com

Join us for ONSTAGE and watch the replays! Recent artists include Valdy, Shari Ulrich, Don Alder, Rosemary Siemens, The Town Pants, Charlie Kerr (Hotel Mira), TrailerHawk, Melanie Dekker, Ezra Kwizera, Jessie Farrell, Warren Dean Flandez, Patrick Masse – plus lots more! Highlight episodes also air Saturday nights at midnight PT on Joytv, a division of ZoomerMedia.

For questions regarding artist submissions, please email onstage@hubcastmedia.com.