David Ward | Station 𝟚𝟛𝟜 w/special guest

Happy New Year!

Tune in and stop by Station 𝟚𝟛𝟜. I’ll be your host, David Ward, joined by musical wizard Jonny Tobin of Golden Future.

Broadcast live from Monarch Studios in Vancouver, BC straight into your living room.

Episode 4 sponsored by the letter F – for ‘FRESH.’

All aboard!

“David Ward is a singular talent. Hailing from Vancouver, his unique voice—high, keening, packed with emotion—is allied to a songwriting sensibility which is, at times, devastating.” Clash

*poster photography by Alex Townsend

Phöenix Lazare | Side Door Access Online

Join Phöenix Lazare for an online concert through Side Door via Zoom on Sunday, April 26th at 4pm PT!

“A Warm Blanket of Sound.”

Canadian singer/songwriter Phöenix Lazare is an artist true to her roots. Embedded within compelling vocal melodies and warm guitar are reflections of those who came before her. Fearlessness is found in Phöenix’s lyrics; no topic is off limits. With songs speaking to devotion, defeat and touching on social affairs, she tells bittersweet stories.

Phöenix’s creativity has been hand crafted since her youngest years. Born into a family of musicians, she grew into a passion nurtured at Berklee College of Music where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting.

Phöenix creates a comfortable atmosphere, sitting down with her audience as if opening up in her own home. Envisioning a “warm blanket of sound,” her velvet layers create an intimacy that embodies sitting around a fire.